About Us

Starlight Seafood has a legacy of supplying different species of crabs and other sea foods from our warehouse in Homer Alaska, USA to restaurants, hotels and other areas of the United States. This all began with the supply of Giant Alaskan King Crabs to one of the biggest Chinese Restaurants in New York City.

Starlight seafood was founded since 2009 by a team of fishermen, seafood lovers and marine scientists. Sea farm SPA products marketed as Starlight seafoods is a parent and member of group of companies that it partner’s with, they are Carlos kusch Alimentos plant 14008 and Processadora Navarino S.A plant number 10732. They have been serving and providing excellent and variety of delicious seafood to people within the US continent and all around the world. One of our greatest interest and goals is providing the best sea food products needed by consumers either life, frozen(cooked and uncooked).

We  have and sell wide variety of seafood products in bulk, medium an smaller quantities. Most popular seafoods that we deal with include; a variety of crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps, Crawfish, Clams, Abalones, Mussels, Goose Barnacles, Scallops, Salmon, Oysters, Octopus, Sea Horses etc. Our delivery process is very flexible using the fastest shipping means possible.

We have been working directly with seafood farmers ensuring quality, reliability and sustainability of quality sea products.

WhatsApp Image 2021 08 16 at 11.40.38 PM 1Seafood Preparation

Our Starlight Seafood specialists and professionals clean and cook/boil most of these seafoods to preserve them from getting bad and to preserve the tastes. They are mostly cut into separate pieces boiled in large cooking containers, later allowed to cool up, packaged in separate quantities and saved in various ice boxes and prepared for distribution.

Starlight Seafood specialists have taken over a powerful food preservation method and turned it into an art form. Innovative ideas and unique flavor combinations result in the most delicate and delicious cooked seafoods.

At Starlight Seafood Company we are most grateful to provide our clients the very best delicious Seafood that nature offers. Our product line is extensive, and our commitment to quality remains a high priority.

Our business facility is located in the US. We ensure our customers the very best, freshest and premium Seafoods. We buy our seafoods from Popular and trustworthy fish farmers which they give us the opportunities to process the products the same day they are caught. Once you try our quality you will be most happy and enjoy ordering from us.

Our list of cooked Sea products are 100% natural, healthy and well prepared. Sure, it would be easier to use nitrates to preserve our product, but we are committed in bringing the very best, healthy seafood in its most natural state in the market. Starlight seafoods and good health works together. The health benefits of consuming our seafood is loaded with essential nutritional Values such as Proteins, fats, all levels of Vitamins and Omega-3 that are widely documented. We and our outnumbered loyal customers understand the nutritional contents these seafoods have. Thus, our love for seafoods. We will always be happy to create a positive connection and remain a good source for these rare and awesome creatures delivered to you every time you order.

Our customer service team are always ready to serve and satisfy its clients at all levels of  production to consumption. There exist variety of ways of preparing your favorite seafoods, Every recipe has its own additional touch in it. All orders of 190 pounds and above are most likely to receive free Priority Overnight UPS Shipping. Feel free to call us anytime. Earning and keeping your trust is our goal – You Are Our Priority! We Guarantee all of our products – Always healthy – Always Natural , Just The Very Finest Seafood – At Reasonable Prices – Conveniently Delivered Directly to Your Doorsteps.

We welcome your comments anytime and a great thank you for your utmost support.


Our Advantages

Responsibly Sourced
Responsibly Sourced

Responsibly-sourced seafood is the key to the modern, safe and profitable seafood industry.


The seafood industry has a concern over climate impact, and takes responsibility in any case.


Our experts work hard to maintain the quality seafood for our dear customers exclusively.


Your business becomes benefitial by providing the customers with the best.

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