Below is a list of our most satisfied clients trading with us;



I can’t say less, i have found the right place to obtain the best seafood for my home at starlight seafood company. Their king crabs are well preserved and ready for consumption anytime. I am very satisfied with my order and quality of the seafoods. You guys are amazingly exceptional.


Martins Recks

We are happy to let everyone know that our bulk purchase of frozen salmon and scallops was a great success. Quality and flavor were 100% maintained. Our hotel clients love these seafood types due to their nutritional values. Just to let you know we will be ordering every month.


Frederick Paige

I ordered  Alaska king crab broken pieces for our restaurant and sold over 200lbs in a week. oh my clients loves these crabs. I will definitely order for more.


Xavier Vivian

I own a restaurant in L.A and recently ordered 100 Lbs. of the Colossal crab legs from you and they were awesomely easy to prepare and very delicious. This company is very reliable and trustworthy. They deliver the goods as planned and on time.


Jason Breeze

It has always been a pleasant experience Buying from starlight seafood. The seafoods sold here always in perfect conditions, frozen and live. More orders are coming your way for I will recommend you to my partners.


Julien Sandra

Our Hotel is wonderfully Impressed with your services both sales and delivery. And thanks very much for updating us during the shipping process. You all made us feel safer even over the long distance delivery. When the product arrived they were all in perfect conditions and well preserved. I love the sizes of those lobsters. Thank you


Amanda Rachel

My love for king crab merus meat has never stopped, just a week ago i was promoted at my job and I had to throw a party at my home. I invited my favorite chef to prepare something for the party and he proposed king crab clusters and meat. I was so excited because i have tasted it only once. When friends came in, everybody tried it and found it very delicious, the fun part of it is that we ordered over 100lbs and it all got finished to the last claw. I am very happy with the starlight, seafood company, you guys did great with this wonderful client offers. I will order more for my home.


Oshey Jacob 

The delivery process and packaging was top notch. I paced my order and got the Scallops and clams right on time. This is exactly what our family restaurant wants . My family thanks you for keeping to your words.

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