Eels Fish Fillet

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Eels Fish For sale

Eels Fish for sale, they can be filleted similarly as done to other finfish. With the eel on its side, cut across the flesh to the backbone just behind the head. Run the knife down the center of the eel, keeping the blade parallel to the backbone. Remove the fillet.

Eels Fish Fillet

The meat of the eel has a distinctive and beautifully clean flavor. And eels make easy eating, because they have just one bone running down the middle, so they’re not finicky things. On the preparation side, most recipes call for the creature to be skinned. Grilled eel is particularly delicious

Many who have tasted eel agree that it is sweet. Despite its dark and snakelike appearance, it makes for a delicious meal. Some eel eaters have compared its taste to salmon or lobster. Others say it is a bit more like octopus meat or catfish.


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