Goose barnacles

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Gooseneck barnacle is an expensive, rare sea food, they are harvested from dangerous rocky shorelines by intrepid collectors. Sold At this affordable price.

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Goose barnacles

also known as  stalked barnacles or gooseneck barnacles which live attached to rock surfaces, ships, ropes and  flotsam in the ocean.

Goose barnacles are a type of marine crustacean that live in the intertidal zone of rocky shores. They have been known to cause problems for boats and ships since ancient times.

In the past, they were thought to be poisonous and were often used as fish bait. Today, they are considered a nuisance species due to their tendency to attach themselves to hulls and propellers.

Goose barnacles have a hard exoskeleton that covers their body and is covered in tiny spines. They are able to survive in harsh environments and thrive in cold waters.

Their diet consists mainly of algae and plankton. They use their claws to cling to rocks and shells. When they find a suitable place to settle down, they release eggs that hatch after about two weeks.

gooseneck barnacle


These barnacles are shipped between 10 and 30 per pack, and some large ones are about 7cm in length

Gooseneck barnacle is an expensive, rare sea food, they are harvested from dangerous rocky shorelines by intrepid collectors. Sold At this affordable price.

So clients will be  grateful to get between 10 and 30 per pack. A large one is about 7cms long.

To prepare this just place into boiling water for two minutes, peel and suck. We should tell you that you will get a certain amount of genuine rock (as in the cliff) in your pack because the barnacles are very firmly attached to it and would be damaged if removed before cooking.

gooseneck barnacle recipe

Gooseneck Barnacle Recipe


• 1/2 cup salt

• 2 cups water

• 1/2 pound of barnacles


Mix together salt and water until dissolved. Add barnacles and mix well. Place mixture in a container and cover with plastic wrap. Allow mixture to sit overnight at room temperature. Drain off liquid and discard. Serve as a side dish or appetizer.

Nutritional Facts

Calories 66 Kcal/100 g
Proteins 15.7 g/100 g
Fats 0.4 g/100 g

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