Order the Best Seafood near me.

Our Sea Farm SPA products are packaged and shipped only in the highest quality of Alaska seafood available. In our strive for perfection, The supply of fresh sea products from Alaska US, is done in the most secured and safest way possible. Our online store supplies many different kinds of seafood consumed by food lovers all over the world.

For any enquiries regarding nature of shipping and delivery of either live or fresh frozen, visit shipping and delivery page or contact us via email: [email protected]

FREE SHIPPING on orders of at least $500.

All orders are shipped via UPS Next Day Air. If a future delivery date is chosen, your order will be shipped on the day before the selected date. If an order is placed later in the afternoon, your order will ship the next available shipping day. For example, orders placed after noon on Monday will ship on the following Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.  Our shipping department is closed for Saturdays-Sunday.  We do not offer weekend delivery. So its advisable to order within the week.

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