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Shipping Policy

Shipping and Delivery Policies

Our Sea Farm SPA products are packaged and shipped only in the highest quality of seafood available. The supply of fresh seafood is done in the most secured and safest means possible. Our sea food company supplies many different kinds of seafood consumed by food lovers all over the world.

All of our seafoods ( live and frozen) are available to buy for next day delivery for Canada , US and Mexico orders . Place your order before noon for next day delivery within the US, Canada and Mexico all via Freight. As For Europe and Asia orders ,  deliveries do vary from 3-5days respectively via same cargo Air Freight. Exceptions on bulk shipments ( container shipments that are being done via land transport for US Canada and Mexico shipments may take from 1-4 days and while for other countries sea freight delivery ranges from 1 week to 30 days ). Long distance Order can be placed at anytime.

Shipping Details 

Shipping Costs

Below is a dropdown of product weight and shipping cost

Orders ship via UPS Next Day Air.

Overnight Delivery required for all items.

Product Weight Priority Delivery Cost
Under 3 lbs. $30.00
3 – 6 lbs. $35.00
6 – 9 lbs. $40.00
9 – 15 lbs. $50.00
15 – 20 lbs. $65.00
20 – 25 lbs. $75.00
25- 30 lbs. $100.00
30 – 40 lbs. $130.00
Over 40 lbs. $150.00

Please Be Advised 

Shipping Products to Clients:

Starlight Seafood guarantees every product and ensures fulfilled client satisfaction . Your Starlight Seafood package will arrive in either a frozen(Cooked/Uncooked) or Live Conditions depending on the nature of your order. Once you have received your order and felt unsatisfied about the quality or nature/state of the products you are then free to get in touch with us immediately using our customer care service on the contact page. We will be most grateful hearing from you.


If our company makes a mistake on your order, we will replace the necessary items immediately with a discount as a form of apology for our humble costumers. And If you are not fully satisfied with your order, please call us and speak to a customer service representative. We reserve the right to conduct an investigation into claims and to remedy the issue. Please do not discard any packaging until you are completely satisfied with the product. Please be aware that, if you noticed that the products delivered to you are not the ones you ordered, kindly close and repackage them and notify us as earlier stated so that we can proceed with a replacement of your order and our mistakenly delivered products.


If you have received your required order and later wishes to change your mind for your own reasons, we are sorry a refund will not be issued. We highly recommend you to think carefully, make the best selections before placing an order. Refund can only be done if we make a mistake with the delivery (That is shipping the wrong product), thereafter you have the rights to a  full refund.

We can also consider a refund if you are our regular customer and often buy in bulk and over short distances. Mostly in the US, Canada and Mexico.


All our perishable products are shipped in our custom insulated packaging via overnight delivery to ensure optimal freshness. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information the day your order ships out. Please provide a valid email address to receive this information. Tracking will be done at the level of the shipping process until it reaches you.

On the other hand starlight seafood company will not be responsible for undelivered shipments if you are absent upon delivery. So in this case, in order to  avoid delays if the recipient is not present in the delivery location, You will be prompted to get in contact with the delivery company to make another delivery arrangements. You may be charged extra in this case.

Payment Options


Lost or Stolen:  Let us remind you that we will not be responsible if your package gets missing upon delivery, our sole responsibility is to respond to your order, prepare your shipment and hand over to the delivery company who will then proceed with the shipment . Most often shipping is done via UPS, you will be notified via email and provided with a UPS tracking number.

An advantage is that missing shipment rarely occur and so your products will reach you in almost every case. Our company will always be happy to see you receive and enjoy our products. Thanks.


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